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Remote Management 
App Development
Without Complicated Programming
The only online training course that shows AV Programmers step-by-step how to 
create a custom cloud application and securely connect it to a local AV control processor,
so you can monitor and control your systems, get SMS notifications, collect data and more...
The 3 Keys To Securely Monitor and Control Your Systems
You know you should be including remote management in all of your systems, but something about the available solutions just doesn’t fit with the way you work. Either they are too complex for your end users, difficult to integrate with your current systems or maybe the dashboard just doesn’t look up to date and professional.

What if you could create your own remote management applications? If you are an AV programmer or have one on staff, you are perfectly capable of creating custom cloud apps that securely control and monitor your installations.

There are three keys you need to know to make it happen…

  •  Understanding Cloud Services - So you can choose the right platform.
  •  Mastering Secure Connections - To keep your data safe.
  •  Finding An Easy To Use Programming Language - So you can quickly get up and running and skip the learning curve.
Stop Reacting To Customer Complaints And Get Pro-Active
With these three keys you will be able to create a new application for each of your projects, or integrate every installation into one support dashboard. You can login to your dashboard from any web browser and immediately know the status of anything you programmed like…

  •  Online status of any device
  •  Error messages
  •  Rack temperature
  •  System Status (current source, power state, volume/lighting levels)
Add controls to your dashboard and perform first tier troubleshooting or reboot problem devices like tv tuners.
Start Collecting Data And Prepare For The Future
Working with cloud applications opens up a world of possibility that will improve support, strengthen customer relationships and open new business opportunities. Think of everything you will do with services like...

  •  Automated Emails - Be informed when things like lamp hours need attention.
  •    SMS Notifications - Get notified immediately of critical failures, help requests or alerts from security systems.
  •  Calendar Integration - Create an automation calendar and let the user schedule events with a familiar interface.
  •  Data Collection - Was that source ever really used? How often was this room booked but empty? Data enables informed decisions.
  • Data Visualization - Make a graph and get a picture of how your systems are really being used.

Remote Management App Development is the only online training course that shows AV Programmers step-by-step how to create a cloud application and securely connect it to a local AV control processor.

If you’re an AV Programmer, Systems Integrator or AV/IT Administrator and…
… are tired of murky requirements based on marketing
… have had enough of unclear server requirements
… want to deliver a complete solution with your standard of quality from end to end 
… want to take matters into your own hands
… or just want to know exactly how the cloud works

Remote Management App Development can help.
After facing many of these frustrations myself, I knew there must be a better way. Almost every project I've worked on in the past few years has had a requirement for remote management. But nobody ever seems to know exactly how to get it done. I was told more than once, "You're the programmer. You figure it out."

But all of the available remote management solutions on the market follow a very particular workflow. A workflow that is quite different and much more limited than the custom control programming found in AV systems. If the programmer is the one responsible for making the remote management system work, he or she is going to need better tools.

I spent a ton of time researching different cloud providers, platforms and programming languages. After plenty of trial and error and some significant development time, I developed a process to reliably create cloud applications and connect them to local systems. A process that will save you time and eliminate frustration. A process that is flexible, secure and easy to understand. A shortcut to reliable, repeatable success.

This process became Remote Management App Development.

Unlike other proprietary solutions, Remote Management App Development uses open source software and does not require any additional hardware or complicated network set up. As long as your control processor has access to the internet and supports HTTPS and websockets, you are good to go.

Inside Remote Management App Development
Here is exactly what you get with Remote Management App Development…
  •  22 Downloadable Video Lessons - Covering everything you need to create your own app in detail.
  •  Crestron HTTPS and Websocket Programming Modules - With Full Source Code.
  •  Coaching & Support - Your success is my success. Feel free to email me anytime if you have any questions. 
Module 1: Getting Started
Here you will learn all about cloud service models and how to get set up. You will create your first application with a user dashboard and learn how to customize it.
1. Introduction
2. Create and Deploy The Application
3. Customize The Dashboard

Module 2: Connecting to the Cloud
This is where we dig into all the different ways to connect your cloud app to your local control processor. We’ll cover the right way and the wrong way and show you why some connection types are more secure than others. Then we’ll take a look at the included Crestron modules.
1. Cloud Connection Types
2. Send Updates to the Cloud
3. Receive Updates from the Cloud
4. Secure The Connections and User Dashboard
5. A Look At the Crestron Modules

Module 3: Notifications
In module 3 you will learn to implement 5 different types of notifications. Use these notifications to be informed when anything critical happens on your system - and take care of it before things get out of control.
1. Dashboard Notifications
2. Audio Dashboard Notifications
3. Email Notifications
4. SMS Notifications
5. Twitter Notifications

Module 4: Data Collection and Visualization
Welcome to the future. Data will help you make better decisions when designing and programming systems. It may also be the next big business opportunity for integration companies. Start collecting data now...
1. Introduction
2. Post Data to a Database
3. View Data in the Database Service
4. Create an API to View Data
5. Create a Graph in the User Dashboard

Module 5: Scheduling
Google Calendar integration can be used to automate your systems based on calendar events. Start the projector 5 minutes before the meeting? Power it off every day at 6pm? After these lessons, you’ll start seeing calendars as just another user interface.
1. Introduction
2. Setting Up Google API’s and Credentials
3. Authenticate to your Google Account
4. Working With Events 

Here is what a few recent students had to say about 
Remote Management App Development...
“All of the other remote management systems we looked into were either too overwhelming for our clients to manage, or too difficult to implement into existing systems. Now I can make my own app and include exactly what each customer needs.”

Peter M. Norman CTS, AMX ACE-P, Crestron DMCE/Silver-P
Code 3 AV Inc
“We looked into a few things for remote management like Ihiji and domotz. After taking the course, we will definitely stick to your solution as it’s more scalable and editable in terms of what I can do with it from Crestron.”

Arkadiusz Rycyk
Environ AV & Technology
“We will be implementing this in our showroom over the next few weeks and can't wait to start showing it to our customers. Definitely worth the money.”

Dustin Wenniger
Audio Video Excellence
If your management app prevents just a few truck rolls each year, how much would it be worth?
If SMS notifications help you put out fires before customers even notice, 
how much would that improve your business relationships?
How much recurring revenue can Remote Management Apps create for your business?

  •  Unlimited Access
  •  Crestron HTTPS and Websocket Modules
  •  Email Support

100% Secure Checkout

Your order uses a secure, SSL network connection and your credit card is never stored on our servers.
Having trouble ordering?  Still have questions? 
Send us an email at info@controlhaus and we'll help you out. 
A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Remote Management App Development comes with a no questions asked 30 day guarantee.

My goal is to encourage the AV community to do more with non-proprietary software. If this material does not help you succeed in implementing your own remote management applications, just send me an email within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
Here is what happens next...
Once you click the button below and join the program, you will be taken to a thank you page that will give you the information on your Remote Management App Development purchase.

From there, you'll receive an email with your login details to the Remote Management App Development training portal. This is where you'll be able to login in immediately and get access to the course materials.

Then, you'll be able to dive into the first lesson of Module 1, where you’ll start setting up your cloud application and create your first user dashboard.
Some Frequently Asked Questions
I don't really have much extra time. Will I need to learn a new programming language to use this?
Remote Management App Development shows you an easy to learn, drag and drop programming language that any AV programmer can learn in just a few minutes. As time goes on, you may want to dig deeper. But you will be able to get started and make complete applications while barely noticing the learning curve.
My customers are very picky about what I do on their network. Will they let use these type of connections?
All your system needs is plain old internet access. No special rules or VPN's required.
Is it really secure?
All connections use HTTPS encryption. This verifies that your local processor is communicating with the right cloud application and vice versa. It also makes sure that only your cloud application can read what is sent from the local system and only the local system can read what is sent from the cloud application.
I've never written a cloud app or done any kind of web programming. Do I need any special skills to do this?
For a long time, I felt the same way. You'll be surprised to find out it is easier than you think. If you understand and program AV systems, you have all the skills you need.
How much does the development software cost?
You will learn to use open source software that is completely free.
How much does is cost to host an application in the cloud?
There are many variables that go into calculating cloud service costs. The size of the app, the number of requests and the amount of data being stored are a few variables. We use the IBM Bluemix 3-month free trial in this course.  When your app grows to a paid plan, the costs are usually around $50/month.
How much does is cost to use SMS notifications?
This depends entirely on how many messages are sent. You will learn how to use a third party SMS service with a pay as you go plan. So there will never be any surprise charges.
What You Will Build
Here's A Quick Demo Of A Sample Application...

  •  Unlimited Access
  •  Crestron HTTPS and Websocket Modules
  •  Email Support

100% Secure Checkout

Your order uses a secure, SSL network connection and your credit card is never stored on our servers.
Having trouble ordering?  Still have questions? 
Send us an email at info@controlhaus and we will help you out. 
"I can't wait to take you step-by-step as you
build your first secure Remote Management Application."
Patrick Murray
Patrick Murray
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