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"Taking Patrick's courses has helped me realize that not only is this something that I can learn, but seems to be what I should be doing if I really want to call myself a programmer.

This course has provided a great jump start in the right direction. I would have had no chance to figure it out on my own."

Mike Bartolucci, Project A/V Specialist
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Are You Ready?
The Raspberry Pi In AV Master Class gives you access to highly organized blog posts, videos and source code.

It is designed to get you started quickly, have early success, and as a reference that you will come back to over and over.

This course is perfect for...
  • Technology Managers
  •  AV Programmers
  •  Systems Integrators
  •  DIY Home Owners
Module 1: Introduction
  • How To Get the Most Out Of the Course
  • What You Will Learn
Module 2: Getting Set Up
  • What Hardware Do I Need?
  • Software Set Up
  • Adjusting The Raspberry Pi Settings With ControlPi Config
  • Adjusting The Raspberry Pi Settings With SSH
  • Before Using The GPIO Pins
  • GPIO Infrared Settings
  • Serial Port Settings
  • Image Back Up
  • Advanced: Make Your Own ControlPi Image
Module 3: NodeRed Set up
  • Overview
  • Security
  • Securing the editor, HTTP Nodes and the user dashboard
  • Backup Node Red
  • Restore NodeRED
  • Importing and Exporting Flows
  • Installing Nodes
Module 4: NodeRed Programming: Device Control
  • TCP Device Control
  • Infrared With Global Cache
  • Serial With Global Cache
  • Contact Closures with Global Cache
  • Sensors With Global Cache
  • IR Output With The GPIO
Module 5: NodeRed Programming: User Interfaces
  • NodeRed Dashboard
  • Creating Rest API's
Module 6: NodeRed Programming: Intersystem Communication
  • With Websockets
  • With MQTT
Module 7: NodeRed Programming: Cloud and Internet Services
  • Web Services With HTTP
  • Storing Data in mlab
  • Visualizing data with MongoDB Compass 
Module 8: NodeRed Programming: Dynamic System Settings
  • Create data input dashboard
  • Reading data
  • Using data in flows
Module 9: NodeRed Programming: Advanced
  • Creating you own node
  • Sharing your node with npm
  • Advanced Javascript
Here is what some students had to say about our other courses...

"There are a lot of iOS courses out there, but Patrick’s course gives it some relevance to the world we work in.

It would have taken us months to get to the same place without this course.

It is a good shortcut and money well spent.
If you want to learn iOS for AV, this is a great resource."

Ian Wilks, CTS, Operations Director [EMEA]
Vega Technology (Europe) Limited
"This is awesome!!! Big thumbs up! Thank you for sharing!!!

The remote management techniques we learned already saved us from trouble on a few projects. 

Thanks again!"

Trey Chamrad
Texas AVI
Does The Raspberry Pi In AV Master Class sound like a good fit for you? If so, we'd love to have you:
NOTE: We are accepting up to 20 new students per week (at a special price) until course production is complete. Modules 2 and 3 are currently online and new lessons are added almost every day. 
-Patrick Murray
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