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Divergence - What No One In AV is talking about
We hear a lot about AV/IT convergence - using IT technologies in AV systems is nothing new. But what about your skills?

IT systems are based on open standards and modern software development.  

To remain up to date and provide custom solutions with the latest technologies, AV professionals need to upgrade their skills beyond manufacturer training.

Learn AV Programming is here to teach you how to use advanced software, networking and the cloud to converge your skills with reality.
The New AV/IT Skill Set
  • Modern Programming Tools: The move to Software Defined Systems requires modern software development techniques and tools.
  •  Cloud Applications: Stop ignoring what the power of the cloud can do for your business. Better Support, Data Insights and new Business Models are waiting for you.
  •  Networking: AV/IT Engineers and Technicians need a laptop with tools like Wireshark installed - and you need to know how to use them.
iOS App Development 
For AV Programmers
Ever wonder if you really need third party software and expensive hardware for AV control?

Find out how to write an AV control app and add some color to your design palette!
Remote Management Application Development
You know you should be including remote management in all of your systems. Have you ever considered creating your own application? 

If you are an AV programmer or have one on staff, you are perfectly capable of creating custom cloud applications to securely control and monitor your installations.
S# Starter Course
Simpl # lets you write Simpl+ and Simpl Windows modules with C# and Microsoft Visual Studio.

This is a great place for curious Crestron programmers to get started with modern software development.
S# Pro Essentials for AV Programmers
If you are at the end of your Simpl Windows learning curve, this course is for you. CTS and CTS-I Holders get 2 Renewal Units for completing the S# Pro course.
Automation and Control for Beginners
New to automation and control? 

This free email course will give you the foundation you need to determine your needs and start designing systems.
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About The Author
Patrick Murray has been working with audiovisual systems in one form or another since 1995. 

After moving to Germany in 2005, he founded Controlhaus and began developing automation and control software for mega-yachts, luxury homes, command and control centers and a few conference rooms along the way.  

Patrick is on a mission to encourage the AV Community to create amazing applications with modern, non-proprietary software. 

He loves to learn, hang out with his family and be creative.
Patrick Murray